CSS Current Affairs MCQS Test

Here You can get online CSS Current Affairs MCQS Test. Current Affairs is one of the compulsory subjects in CSS competitive exams. The total marks of paper are 100 and the candidates are normally given three hours to attempt the paper. Here you can get the complete online test of CSS Current Affairs subject. By attempting this test, you will be able to know about your preparation level, your weakness and about strengthens.

Below are 20 Current Affairs MCQS. After attempts MCQS, You will get Results.

Lets start.

Q:1 Operation Desert Shield was launched by US to defend Saudi Arabia in year:

Q:2 Suez Canal was nationalized by Egypt in:

Q:3 International Peace Day is celebrated since:

Q:4 Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated in the age of

Q:5 Operation Enduring Freedom was launched by US in

Q:6 Ozone Layer restricts

Q:7 World Water Day is celebrated every year on

Q:8 Ecology Deals with

Q:9 For water purification Alum is used to remove

Q:10 Metal used to galvanize iron is called

Q:11 Book of Kings commonly known as “Shahnama” was written by

Q:12 Galelio invented

Q:13 The concept that a single dominant power can maintain world peace is called

Q:14 Rational interests persuaded by individual causing collective destruction is called tragedy of

Q:15 Humidity depends upon

Q:16 The largest part of Hydrosphere is

Q:17 Friction can be reduced by changing from

Q:18 Latitude of a place expresses its regular position relative to

Q:19 The infrared radiation from sun are strongly absorbed by:

Q:20 Operation Gibraltar resulted into which war:

Central Superior Services exams in Pakistan are the competitive exams that held under the supervision of the Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC). CSS exams organized yearly for the employment to the posts in Basic pay scale of 17th Grade under different services and the departments of the state.

CSS Current Affairs MCQS Test

There are total six compulsory subjects carrying one hundred marks each. It is mandatory for the applicants to appear in the compulsory subjects exams. Total three hours are given to attempt the paper of each subject.

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