General Knowledge Mcqs For CSS, NTS Test

These General Knowledge Mcqs are very important for all tests conducted by the FPSC test, NTS test, PPSC test, SSPC test, and other testing agencies of Pakistan. Here is the list of latest General Knowledge MCQs for the preparation of the Government Jobs in Pakistan text exam.

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General Knowledge Mcqs

Tbilisi is the capital of which country?

A. Georgia
B. Ethiopia
C. Portugal
D. Lebanon

The world’s largest glacier is the Lambert Glacier in Antarctica. Its length in miles is________?

A. 260
B. 250
C. 280
D. none of these

International Ozone Day is observed on ________?

A. September 13
B. September 14
C. September 15
D. September 16

World Teachers’ Day is celebrated on_______________?

A. 20th October
B. 15th January
C. 10th October
D. 5th October

The World’s first Camel hospital is located in __________?

A. Jeddah
B. Tehran
C. Dubai
D. Thar

RSS ideology followed by Indian Pm Modi, What does RSS stand for

A. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
B. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sabha
C. Rashtriya Swayamsevak Singh
D. All of the above

According to the United Nations latest estimate of 2019, Pakistan population is equivalent to ________ of the total world population?

A. 2.51%
B. 2.61%
C. 2.71%
D. 2.81%

Deng Xiaoping is famous in ________ profession.

A. Scientist
B. Politician
C. Actor
D. None

A.R Rehman won oscar award from which film?

A. Lagan
B. Slumdog Millionaire 
C. 127 Hours
D. none

Economies of Scale meaning?

A. Cost on all products
B. Reduced per unit Cost 
C. Higher per unit Cost
D. None of these

Garuda is the airline of Indonesia. What is Garuda?

A. Animal
B. Bird
C. Mountain
D. None of these

_______was the first cricketer from Bangladesh to score a double century in test Cricket.

A. Mohammad Mithun
B. Mominul Haque
C. Mushfiqur Rahim
D. None of them

Who is the first batsman who hit six on the first ball in a test match?

A. Shahid Afridi
B. Brendan McCallum
C. Chris Gayle
D. None

In which year “the lion of Maysor”(Tipu-Sultan) was born?

A. November 21, 1750
B. November 11, 1750
C. November 13, 1750
D. November 3, 1750

In which year did man step out on the moon?

A. 1970
B. 1969
C. 1972
D. 1975

The theme of World Space Week 2019 is _______________________?

A. “Our Space, Our Time”
B. “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars,”
C. “Space Unites the World”
D. None of these

World Space Week (WSW), as declared by the United Nations General Assembly, is held every year during __________ 4-10?

A. October, 4-10
B. November, 4-10
C. December, 4-10
D. January, 4-10

Who invented the “Cell phone”?

A. Alan Turing
B. Martin Cooper
C. Marie Curie
D. Alexander Graham Bell

Which is the First Book of Allama Iqbal?

A. Kulyat e Iqbal
B. Shikwa and Jawab-e-Shikwa
C. Javid Nama
D. Ilm ul Iqtisad

The Book “Bang-i-Dara” was written by___________?

A. Jon Elia
B. Mirza Ghalib
C. Faiz Ahmed Faiz
D. Allama Iqbal

The Planet which revolves slowly around the Sun is__________?

A. Mercury
B. Mars
C. Earth
D. Neptune

The “Rising” of the “evening star” indicates the direction of the____________?

A. South Pole
B. East
C. West
D. North

Which is the only Snake that Builds a Nest?

A. The female King Cobra 
B. The female viper
C. The female Anaconda
D. The female mamba

What is the dimension of basketball court are for the Olympics and world tournaments?

A. 28m×15m
B. 26m×14m
C. 27m×16m
D. 28m×16m

How many stars are in the flag of European Union?

A. 8
B. 12
C. 16
D. 20

How many Countries are members of the “Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development” (OECD), Which was founded in 1961?

A. 30
B. 36
C. 40
D. 46

Al-Jazeera TV Channel belongs to ___________?

A. Qatar
B. Kuwait
C. Egypt
D. Bahrain

World Post Day is observed each year on___________?

A. 8th October
B. 9th October
C. 10th October
D. 11th October

Where Is The Headquarters Of Google Located?

A. Washington
B. Arizona
C. New York
D. California

Communist Manifesto was originally published in __________language?

A. Chinese
B. English
C. French
D. German

Nokia Mobile business was acquired by__________?

A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. Apple

Motorola Mobile business is now own by_________?

A. Microsoft
B. Google
C. Yahoo
D. Lenovo

The newest member of the Eurozone is_________?

A. Lithuania
B. Croatia
C. Bulgaria
D. Cyprus

World Photography Day WPD observed each year on ___________?

A. 12th August
B. 17th August
C. 19th August
D. 22nd August

In France, the Bastille Day is celebrated on___________?

A. 14 May
B. 14 June
C. 14 July
D. 14 August

All African countries are members of African Union except ?

A. Addis Ababa
B. Morocco
C. Cairo
D. Johannesburg

The presidency of the UN Security Council rotates in alphabetical order among it’s members every ?

A. One month
B. Three months
C. Six months
D. Twelve months

Headquarter of the African Union (AU) is located in___________?

A. Johannesburg
B. Cairo
C. Addis Ababa
D. Morocco

Usain Bolt, the holder of World record for 100m race, belongs to which Country?

A. Barbados
C. China
D. Jamaica

Which of the following is not a G-7 Country ?

A. Japan
B. Russia
C. France
D. Italy
E. None of above

Who is Current bowling Coach of Pakistan Cricket Team?

A. Misbah ul Haq
B. Javed mian dad
C. Waqar Younis
D. None

Who is the author of the book ” Tools and Weapons:The Promise and The Peril of the Digital Age”?

A. Jeff Bezos
B. Sundar Pichai
C. Brad Smith
D. Satya Nedella

When did World Day Against Trafficking in Persons celebrate?

A. 31st July
B. 30th July
C. 29th July
D. 28th July

What was the total members of East Asia Summit (EAS) in its inaugural summit held in Kuala Lumpur on 14 December 2005.

A. 12 members
B. 14 members
C. 18 members
D. 22 members

Pakistan is a member of the APG Asia Pesific Group since_________. APG is a regional body of Paris-based FATF of the United Nations.

A. 1999
B. 2000
C. 2003
D. 2004

Which airlines is the largest and National airline of Israel?

B. lAL
C. Air Israel
D. Arkia Airlines

Mention the unique airlines whose international planes fitted with anti-missile equipment?

A. Aeroflot
D. Eva Air

Who is known as Man of Blood and Iron ___________?

A. Sir Walter Soctt
B. Napoleon
C. Bismarck
D. Ho chi Minh

Court language during Ranjit Singh regime was___________?

A. Persian
B. Punjabi
C. Urdu
D. None

Ema is an example of _________?

A. Active Volcano
B. Plateau in a volcano
C. Extinct Volcano
D. Dormant Volcano

The place of origin of an earthquake is called___________?

A. Seismic focus
B. Seismal
C. Epicenter
D. Amphidromic Point

Name the Continents that form a mirror image of each other__________?

A. North America and South America
B. Africa and South America
C. Asia and Africa
D. Europe and Asia

People who are called wasps have ancestors from which country_____________?

A. America
B. Spain
C. England
D. Persia

Volcanoes occur at tectonic plate boundaries that are ________?

A. Convergent
B. Divergent
C. Both A & B
D. Destructive

Black Forest is the name of mountain present in______________?

B. Russia
C. Canada
D. None of these

Which one of the following seas is without a coastline?

A. Sargasso sea
B. Tasman sea
C. White sea
D. Sea of Okhotsk

Latitude of place is indicative of its_____________?

A. Time
B. Altitude
C. Temperature
D. Amount of rainfall

Sargasso Sea is located in___________?

A. North Pacific Ocean
B. North Atlantic Ocean
C. South Atlantic Ocean
D. None of these

The Sun reaches its Maximum Angular distance from the equator at the__________?

A. Equinox
B. Zenith
C. Solstice
D. Noontime

Eskimos are the primitive people living in___________?

A. South America
B. Western Europe
C. Central Africa
D. North America

The Peloponnesian War’ was fought between ____________ and _________?

A. Sparta and Iran
B. Sparta and Athens
C. Athens and Iran
D. Athens and Asia Minor

The imaginary line on the surface of earth which closely follows the 180° meridian, is called__________ ?

A. Equator
B. Prime Meridian
C. International Date Line
D. None of these

Child Labour is the main theme in most of the novels of____________?

A. D.H Lawrence
B. Leo Tolstoy
C. Maxim Gorky 
D. Charles Dickens

Russia withdrew from Afghanistan under the ___________?

A. Islamabad treaty
B. Kabul pact
C. Geneva Accord
D. Moscow Agreement

Which international arbitration institution fined Pakistan in Reko Diq mining case?

A. International Court of Arbitration
B. London Court of International Arbitration
C. International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes
D. None of these

Which one of the following ecosystems covers the largest area of the earth’s surface?

A. Grassland Ecosystem
B. Mountain Ecosystem
C. Marine Ecosystem
D. Desert Ecosystem

Mt. Ararat is the highest peak of__________?

A. Chile
B. Turkey
C. Britain
D. North Korea

Where is the largest Coral Reef located?

A. Canada
B. U.K
C. Australia
D. Germany

Name the World famous and finest Harbour?

A. Calcutta
B. Mumbai
C. Sydney
D. New York

Which layer of the atmosphere reflects radio waves back to the earth’s surface?

A. Troposphere
B. Stratosphere
C. Ozone layer
D. Ionosphere

Loire is the longest river of____________?

A. France
B. Russia
D. None

“Sense and Sensibility” was written by:____________?

A. Shakespeare’s
B. Jhon Milton
C. Jane Austen
D. Methew Arnold

The World Day for International Justice (WDIJ) is observed every year on _________?

A. 16 July
B. 17 July
C. 18 July
D. 19 July

IPCC is the abbreviation for___________?

A. International Program on Climate Climate
B. International Panel on Collective Change
C. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
D. International Panel on Collective Climate

Which from the following countries has no Armed Forces?

A. Niger
B. Nigeria
C. Iceland
D. Latvia

The Book “Higher than Hopes” is a biography of __________ ?

A.Nelson Mandela
B. Henry S. Commager
C. Bill Clinton
D. Mother Terasa

The Book “Long Walk to Freedom” is written by __________ ?

A. Nelson Mandela
B. Henry S. Commager
C. Bill Clinton
D. Mother Terasa

Channel Tunnel is an Under Sea Rail Tunnel that linked ___________ ?

A. America and Mexico
B. England and France
C. France and Germany
D. England and Germany

Al-Tahrir Square is in ___________?

A. Damascus, Syria
B.Cairo, Egypt
C. Tripoli, Libya
D. İstanbul, Turkey

International Day of Diplomats is celebrated on____________?

A. 20 October
B. 24 October
C. 28 October
D. 31 October

How many pairs of ribs are there in Human Body___________?

A. 12
B. 13
C. 11
D. none of these

Franc is the currency of___________?

A. Rwanda
B. Malagasy
C. Burundi
D. All of them

Hindenburg line divides____________?

A. Germany and Poland
B. Germany and France
C. South Vietnam and North Vietnam
D. None of the above

Who is the Current President of International Court of Justice(ICJ) ?

A. James Meats
B. Ronny Abraham
C. Abdulqawi Ahmed Yusuf
D. Basharul Asad

The International Court of Justice is located in _________?

A. New York
B. Washington
C. Geneva
D. The Hague

Which Team did not Win a single Match in ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

A. Sri Lanka
B. West Indies
C. Afghanistan
D. None of These

Who is the Highest Run Scorer of ICC Cricket World Cup 2019?

A. Kane Williamson
B. Shakib Al Hasan
C. David Warner
D. Rohit Sharma

How many times did England win the ICC World Cup?

A. One time
B. Two Times
C. Three Times
D. Four Times

Which country leads the world in Wind Energy?

A. America
B. Japan
C. China
D. None of the these

The period in which the Suez Canal remained closed after Arab-Israel war____________?

A. 1967-1973
B. 1967-1975
C. 1967-1977
D. 1967-1979

The Chapultepec Castle is located in___________?

A. Indonesia
B. Egypt
C. South Africa
D. Mexico

Borobudur, a UNESCO World Heritage Site is located in__________?

A. Indonesia
B. Egypt
C. South Africa
D. South Korea

Which country is completely surrounded by South Africa?

A. Gabon
B. Laos
C. Lesotho
D. Niue

The Komodo dragons are found in___________?

A. Indonesia
B. Maldives
C. South Africa
D. Egypt

Kansai International Airport on an artificial island is located in________?

A. China
B. Japan
C. South Korea
D. North Korea

Ross Island in the Ross Sea is located near_________?

A. Greenland
B. Norway
C. Continent of Antarctica
D. Continent of Australia

Mohs’ Scale” is used to indicate the_________?

A. Degree of hardness of minerals
B. Degree of viscosity of a liquid
C. Degree of elasticity of a material
D. Degree of brittleness of a substance

Which treaty provides for a common currency for European Community____________?

A.Treaty of Versailles
B. Geneva Convention
C. Brussels Treaty
D. Maastricht Treaty

Gimpo airport is situated in__________?

A. Russia
B. Japan
C. South Korea
D. Germany


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